Os dejo esto que encontre en el libro Teach EFL de David Riddell…..
Para reflexionar si quieres ser un buen profesor de ingles o…..cualquier otro idioma y os recomiendo el libro por supuesto.

“Someone a time asked his students “what makes a good teacher”? of all the questions he asked, some of the following ones produced the most questions. In no particular order, these are some of the qualities mentioned in their replies:

The must be passionate about teaching, and patient, adapting to the level of the students.

A good teacher must be strict, friendly, interesting.

Shoul be passionate and intelligent

Shoul teach grammar clearly

Must know students individual needs

help students make progress

give interesting lessos

be kind

not show a distance

be funny

have an original teaching style

have energy

have lots of patience

adapt the course book

treat students as individual

it is not enough to know your subject